Fratelli Bovo srl is Associate Member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) since 2015.

The RJC certification was renewed in 2018 according to the Code Of Practices 2013 and will expire in December 2021.
The Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) is an organization with regulatory tasks formed to promote responsible practices in terms of ethics, human rights, social and environmental impact in the whole chain of diamonds, gold and platinum group metals.
RJC has developed a standard of reference for the chain of jewelry and a credible mechanism for declaration of responsible business practices through third-party verification..
As an associate member RJC, we are committed to conduct our business in accordance with the Code of Procedure RJC.
We are committed to integrate/incorporate ethical considerations relating to human rights, social and environmental issues in our daily activities, in business planning and decision makinng.


Text of the adopted Policy (rev 1 of 25/1/18)

Quality policy

Fratelli Bovo srl is a production reality in which each person has a specific responsibility: each employee is a fundamental cog in the good Company mechanism and the daily effort of each is always held in high regard. The company promotes and recognizes all meritocratic forms of commitment and value brought by the individual towards the organization.

The Management assumes the risks and responsibilities deriving from the moral and economic obligation to protect the corporate human assets and production activity in all its forms, in order to ensure their continuity over time.

Fratelli Bovo srl follows strict process, qualitative, ethical and environmental standards because it believes that a serious, certified and controlled company path is a fundamental step for constant and long-term growth and for satisfying customer needs. Quality is essential to achieve the ambitious goal of offering unique products and our efforts are aimed at ensuring the safety, compliance and quality of our products.

In consideration of these cardinal principles, Fratelli Bovo has the following objectives:

• meeting the implicit and explicit needs of customers and the creation of a partnership with them

• compliance and monitoring of the applicable mandatory requirements;

• continuous improvement of the management system and its performance;

• continuous improvement in process management;

• increase in worker satisfaction;

• increase in turnover and company profitability.

In order to make its employees aware of the ethical values ​​adopted in Fratelli Bovo, the Internal Code of Conduct was adopted and shared (revised on 3 September 2018).

With the aim of improving the management of business processes and integrating the RJC principles into the life of the company, a management system has been implemented that includes the commitments referred to in the RJC Code of Practices and is structured according to the ISO 9001: 2015 standard, even though the company has not yet requested certification.

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